Dodj or Daar (Dodge or Dare) is a game created by Pani and Negar


1. Roll the dice.

2. Draw a dare card or take a dodge card and miss a turn.

3.if you picked a dare card You must then complete the Dare (example: set your alarm clock to 5AM)


There are some spaces with a picture of a bomb on them and the word "Dodjbomb" written underneath it. If a player lands on a Dodjbomb, then everyone picks a Dodj card.

Additional Information:

This game is quite similar to "Jumanji" in that the effects of it do not stop until there is a final winner (example: When the Wattersons played, and Nicole drew the Daar "Giant Hands" her hands stayed more than eight times their original size until Gumball won. The main idea of this game is not to win, but to survive until the end.

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